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FFL Transfers - Available NOW!

Our shop will transfer all Title I guns for $25; $20 for all TX CHL holders (no other discounts apply), Fire/EMS, LEO's & Military.

Professional organizations and other government entities should inquire about transfer fees.  

Special charges may apply for storage and insurance coverage of some weapons.

Demonstrations - Coming soon!

Our shop is always willing to provide demonstrations of the weapons that we sell.   

We demonstrate weapons for individuals as well as government agencies. 

Please contact us and let us know what you want to see.

Gunsmithing - Taking on work now!

Our gunsmithing services cover most anything that you may need.  

We can do simple repairs to complex fabrication.  

If you have a need that we cannot meet in house, we work with a number of specialists in the area that allow us to solve almost any problem.

Refinishing - Taking on work now!

Our shop provides a selection of surface finishes: 



Molycoat and lacquer to give you many weather resistant and coloring options

Restorations - Taking on work now!

We can provide restorations of antique firearms including repairs, surface finishes, and wood repair/rebuild.

Wood Work - Taking on work now!

We can repair, refinish, and recheck almost any gunstock.  

We can also build a new custom stock to make your firearm fit your needs.

Appraisals - Available NOW!

We know how valuable your collection can become, our written appraisals are very helpful
with insurance companies or buyers.

Custom Builds - Coming soon!

We can provide you with your dream gun; from armorer level AR-15 and 1911 builds, to a total custom gun.

We are a Type 07 manufacturer!

Custom Ammo - Some calibers available now!

We can reload your spent casings, load custom or precision ammunition to your specifications or any other load that you may desire.

Knife & Blade Sharpening - Available NOW!

We offer professional knife, blade and tool sharpening. We have some of the best equipment out there to get the edge that you want. Most of our sharpening is done by hand, one at a time. However, we do have machines in shop for larger items and to be able sharpen almost anything you want. Contact me for a quote to have the sharpest edge in town.


Contact me for a price quote for any gun, item or service. I am committed to being competitive with all other dealers and gunsmiths in East Texas as well as most online firearms dealers. Check out the "STORE" tab to see items in stock and actual pricing. If you find an item, anywhere, for a lower price...please contact me so may reach a deal.

Price for all FFL Transfers is as listed above, under Services/Transfers.

There is a $10.00 minimum fee charged to anyone who receives a "Denied" response from NICS. 

There is a one (1) hour minimum charge for all gunsmithing services unless otherwise quoted or a service package was requested.

ALL Texas CHL holders get a 10% discount on ALL items and services (unless noted otherwise).

I demonstrate the right to refuse service or sales to anyone I deem necessary.

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